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Matt Kramer Mediation
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Since 1994 performed over 500 mediations including workplace conflicts, business, family, divorce and custody disputes, small claims and litigated civil disputes and victim/offender restitution. In 1995, worked as an independent trainer teaching conflict management and mediation, and facilitating organizational change and group dialogue.

Center for Dispute Resolution, Santa Monica, CA 1994 - 1998
Mediator/Facilitator/Administrator; mediate divorce, custody and business disputes; facilitate group dialogue and organizational change

California Superior Court Dispute Resolution Program - Mediator
Recourse Mediation Services, Santa Rosa, CA - Mediator
California Lawyers For The Arts - Mediator
Marin County Mediation Services - Mediator
Los Angeles County Bar - Attorney/Client Fee Dispute Arbitrator
Van Nuys Small Claims Court - Mediator
L.A. City Attorney's Office Dispute Resolution Program:
Mediator - landlord/tenant, neighbor/neighbor, consumer/merchant
Group Dialogue Facilitator - facilitated public meetings on race relations, community violence and Affirmative Action issues

Centinela Valley Juvenile Diversion Project: Victim/Offender Program, Parent/Child Mediation Program - Mediate restitution between juvenile delinquents and crime victims, and mediate between juveniles and parents in conflict.

Constitutional Rights Foundation - Conflict Awareness Instructor

Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center - San Mateo - Mediator

Los Angeles Police Department, Communications Division - Mediator
Amtec Corporation - Workplace Conflict Resolution Systems Design
City of Glendale, Glendale Community Forums - Facilitator
DirecTV - Mediator
Los Angeles City College - Mediator
Los Angeles Department of Mental Health - Trainer
Rolling Hills Preparatory School - Peer Mediation Training
Santa Monica YMCA - Conflict Management Training
Mill Valley School District - Facilitator - Consultant and online mediator
Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center, San Mateo - Parent/Child Mediator

1993 - Center for Dispute Resolution - Mediation Training (32 hrs)
1994 - City of Inglewood - Mediation & Restitution Training (40 hrs)
1994 - L.A. City Attorney's office - Dispute Resolution Training (40 hrs)
1996 - Pepperdine University - Mediating the Litigated Case (40 hrs)

Memberships: The Association for Conflict Resolution
Publications: Conversations Before A Marriage - Info Books, © 1999

Matt Kramer Resumé
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